SME Champion of the Year (Individual)

SME Champion of the Year (Individual) This award celebrates the achievements of a C-Level executive who has led his or her company’s sustainability efforts by creating an organisation that is forever conscious of its environmental impact and has made sustainability an integral part of its business practices. The winner of this award has taken his […]

SME Champion of the Year (company)

SME Champion of the Year (Company) This award recognises outstanding achievements of companies driving the sustainability agenda for the Middle East region. With climate change becoming an existential threat, net-zero (or low-carbon) sustainable operations are the need of the hour. Many companies in our region have recognised this and are fast adopting innovative sustainability strategies […]

SME Finance Award

SME Finance Award Sustainable finance is the process of taking due account of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations when making investment decisions in the financial sector, leading to increased longer-term investments into sustainable economic activities and projects. The below companies have innovated in this field and shown the way in bringing green considerations into […]

SME Circular Economy Award

SME Circular Economy Award With the advent of modern technologies, it is feasible to turn waste management into a carbon neutral and economically viable system. Today, waste-to-energy (WTE) facilities advantageously provide electricity generation and an alternative to landfilling for waste management. Circularity (recycling) helps to reduce GHG emissions. When waste is managed in a circular manner, the […]

Most Sustainable Airline Award

Transport & logistics Most Sustainable Airline Award 2022 Aviation emissions account for 2.1% of the global share, however, when non-CO2 effects are included, aviation contributes an estimated 4.9% to the global warming problem. To have a check on the emissions from their aircrafts, air carriers have adopted significant steps to decarbonise and this award is […]

Sustainable Delivery Solution of the Year

Sustainable Delivery Solution of the Year The process of delivering food and other items is becoming increasingly sustainable by adopting innovative eco-friendly practices. We have seen many companies in the Middle East region incorporating novel ideas and practicing those to reduce their carbon footprint. The winner of this award is the organisation that has gone […]

Sustainable Air Cargo Award

Transport & logistics Sustainable Air Cargo Award 2022 Sustainable practices in air cargo have already resulted in emission reductions, with organisations, governments and companies working in cohesion to reduce air cargo’s environmental impact with innovative technologies and improved operations and infrastructure. Yet these operations need to keep advancing if we are to see meaningful change, […]

Green Port Operator of the Year

Green Port Operator of the Year Sustainable and ‘smart’ ports are the way of the future. This is because they operate with environmental impacts in mind, and take steps to mitigate these wherever possible, while also ensuring trade flows between countries. The smart port is the key node of the smart city, and acts as a […]

Sustainable Logistics Solution of the Year

Sustainable Logistics Solution of the Year Sustainable logistics describes all attempts to measure and minimize the ecological impact of logistical activities. This includes all activities of the forward and reverse flows of products, information and services between the point of origin and the point of consumption, and this award goes to the company that has […]

Sustainable Transport Company of the Year

Sustainable Transport Company of the Year Sustainable transportation refers to low- and zero-emission, energy-efficient, affordable modes of transport, including electric and alternative-fuel vehicles, as well as bio fuels. The benefits of sustainable transportation include cost savings on fuel, but most fundamentally, huge benefits to our planet.